Paper faced  is the bead of the future, It bonds with the sheetrock for a nice straight corner that will not crack over the years like conventional corner beads. It eats up less mud, No nails or screws needed. You will need a special roller, and a special hopper. Both can be purchased at many drywall supply stores.




One end of the hopper has a V shaped rubber groove (for square corner bead)

The other end has a U shaped rubber groove for (bull nose corner bead).

Also you would need 2 separate rollers depending on square or round bead.

To learn more about bull nose click here -->How To Apply Bull nose Corner bead



STEP 1: Mix mud, Fill hopper, Run bead through


Mix up your joint compound (a little on the thin side, not too thin).


Put your hopper on top of an empty bucket. Fill the hopper up. Measure and cut your first stick of corner bead. If you're using bull nose, you should have the adaptors on 1st. Now line the end of the bead up with the V groove at the bottom of the hopper. Run the bead all the way through the hopper making sure that there is an even coat of mud on the entire length of the bead.



STEP 2: Apply corner bead & roll


It's pretty simple. Just place the mudded bead where it goes. Take your roller and roll up and down all the time applying even pressure towards the center.

Remember, regular and bull nose beads use different rollers.




STEP 3: Sponge


Once the bead is in place and rolled it should look like this (Picture below) See how all the excess mud is now on the outside edges?  Get a bucket of water and 2 sponges. Now sponge the bead down wiping off all the excess mud.  When the sponges get full of mud dip them, ring them out and sponge some more.  That's it!






When you are trying to line up 2 inside corners, you can slightly twist the handle of the roller left or right to get the 2 points lined up perfectly. After all your bead is on and you are ready to start taping, go around and put a small piece of tape on any gaps where 2 inside corners meet.




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