RotoZip was founded in 1972, when a professional drywall contractor decided there had to be a better way to cut drywall. He set out to build a system of tools and accessories to save time and money, while improving results.

Since then, RotoZip has continued with that same vision of improving the way professionals cut difficult materials on the jobsite. Today, we are proud to offer high-performance accessories, attachments and tools to cut through a wide variety of materials — from drywall, where it all began, to ceramic wall tile, and even floor tile.

The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation acquired RotoZip in 2003. Bosch has long been admired for well-crafted, highly engineered tools for the professional. The new RotoZip line continues with the foundation established in RotoZip's infancy of doing the job easier, faster and with better results, while adding unparalleled engineering and performance.

We are proud of where the company comes from and where we are taking it, and appreciate being on the jobsite with you – be that jobsite part of your professional workday or personal home improvement.


The router can be a hangers best friend. It's used to cut out square boxes, round boxes, lights, pipes, windows, ect.. This is how to run the router.


STEP 1:  Mark box and insert router, always start left


Draw a pencil line in the center of the box (or whatever you're going to router). When you stick the router in don't go too deep, you don't want to get into the wires. Just a little deeper then the thickness of the sheetrock. Once in the box slowly go to the left until you can feel the outside edge. Now pull the router out,  just enough to jump over the edge, then push the router back in. Now you should be on the outside edge of the box.




STEP 2:  Router it


Start moving counter clockwise. Routers always pull towards the right, If you move clockwise the router has a mind of it's own and is very hard to control. Don't worry about going fast. Go slow, You should feel the edge of the box as you go all the way around.. Be patient, the more you practice the better you will get. Speed will come later..







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